This site is located on an Eyot and is prone to severe flooding several times a year. Following a particularly heavy flooding season, the client’s previous home was sadly damaged beyond repair.

Given the sites location within the Green Belt there were challenging Planning Policies (National and Local) that would have to be overcome along with strict budget parameters.

Our proposal sought to provide a much larger footprint with ample external living space that embraced the river and its surroundings. To create differing volumes internally (including an enlarged first floor) filled with natural light and to ensure that the unique setting and vistas were captured from specific locations throughout the property to be enjoyed by the user while circulating their home.

The property was constructed largely from Steel Frame and Y-Tong Blocks utilising Renewable Energy Sources such as Water Source located within the River Thames to provide energy when the Eyot was cut-off from the ‘main land’ due to flooding (there is only a foot-bridge connecting this Eyot), and Solar Panels to provide the Heating and Hot Water.

The Steel Frame included the formation and ‘stilt’ provisions for the new property to sit proud of the predicted river level increase over the coming 100-year period whilst allowing constant, free-flowing water routes during times of flooding as not to inversely affect the overall existing watercourse through the Eyot. We re-used the debris from the demolished property to build-up and strengthen the existing riverbank and this combination resulted in the project being awarded the highest Sustainability Rating available at the time.

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